The EGF Serum by TRUE Serums is my Top Choice

My trial and error with various products claiming to eliminate wrinkles, or other damage to the skin had gone on for 20 years. Nothing worked well enough for me. I had learned about EGF Serums (Epidermal Growth Factor) as an emerging product type that was getting a lot of results. Still, though, none worked well for me. Until, that is, I found the TRUE Serums brand. That day was a game change for me. Whether I was looking for the most bang for my buck, or the fastest results, or the highest in ingredient quality, this serum brand checked all the boxes.

Now, before I get into the full review of the product and it's ingredients I want to address one of the most common questions I get about this gel - Are there any Special Offers or Deals for first time customers? The answer is YES. They offer $10 CASH OFF for New Customers Only. You can get this offer by using this link only. Sometimes they have different offers on their official website.

OK, so let's get into the actual REVIEW of this Wrinkle-busting EGF Serum.

Big 3 areas of EGF Serum Customers:

1. Removing Wrinkles by Actually Healing Them.  An Epidermal Growth Factor Serum (EGF Serum attacks wrinkles in a way completely different than a typical "wrinkle cream". EGF is actually an ingredient called rg-Oligopeptide-1. This molecule is a blessing for skin that has suffered from wrinkle damage or even scarring. The rh-Oligopeptide-1 molecule is known as a "signal molecule". That means that it sends a signal to the skin's cells, stimulating them to jump start cellular growth, healing and cell proliferation. This factor is the absolute KEY to a successful EGF Serum. We need to think of a wrinkle as what it really is... an injury to the skin. Much like a scar or burn, the damage from a wrinkle can be healed. But, as we get older, our skin cells are less sensitive to the natural cues to kick the "healing" process into gear. The EGF Serum takes this process into its own hands, and directly tells your skin's cells to start regenerating and heal those wrinkles. Now, you might be thinking that ANY EGF serum can do the trick. Unfortunately, that's not true. To truly be effective, a successful EGF Serum must have the proper concentration of EGF, and also be combined with other ingredients that give it a "super charge". The proper combination and concentrations of ingredients is what really separates the top quality EGF Serum by TRUE Serums, from all the other competitors. Also, being organic, and of super-high quality is healthier for your skin.

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2. Reversing Damage to Skin Cells. Despite the name of the product being an "EGF Serum", there is an absolutely KEY ingredient that must be included. This ingredient is a very exclusive peptide called Collaxyl. Collaxyl has 2 roles in the TRUE Serums EGF Serum. First and foremost, is that it has a proven ability to absolutely magnify the benefit of the EGF ingredient and make it work even better. The Second Role of the Collaxyl is that it actually is a great "healing" ingredient. This is because in a study, it stimulated a torn piece of skin to heal itself. The fact that it boosts Collagen is additionally great for wrinkles since Collagen is what keeps our skin elastic and supple. The combination of Collaxyl and EGF is a powerful synergy and should be demanded by anyone looking for an EGF Serum. ANY EGF Serum that does not contain Collaxyl can be considered inferior. The TRUE Serums EGF Serum contains it, and does so in the perfect concentration, and perfect proportion to the EGF ingredient.

3. Moisturizing and Soothing with Nutrients. A good EGF Serum that contains the ingredients I discussed above, needs a bit more help to really let the user get that moisturized feeling that usually goes with a wrinkle treatment. Besides that nice soft moisturized feeling, aging or damaged skin also needs a solid dose of soothing and calming ingredients. Most EGF serums have one or two ingredients that add a bit of moisture. However, the EGF Serum from TRUE Serums has Organic nutrient rich ingredients that put it on another level. For example: Shea Butter - A well known ingredient for softening, moisturizing, and plumping the skin, Shea Butter is a great addition to an EGF Serum. While not one of the "vital", must have ingredients, it makes a perfect inclusion for those who seek to get rid of wrinkles and give their skin some general nutrition too. Aloe Vera Juice - You have already heard of the healing benefits of Aloe. Since a wrinkle is nothing more than an "injury" Aloe is another great addition to an EGF Serum. An ingredient like Aloe rounds out a serum, and is very nice for those who have sensitive skin, but need the wrinkle power of an EGF. Extra Herbals and Botanicals - Olive extract, Chamomile, Green Tea, Lavender, Honey, Avocado extract and more. These ingredients are NOT going to make your wrinkles or scarring go away, but they are perfect for rounding out the powerful "Must have" ingredients we listed previously, and the TRUE Serums EGF Serum contains them all, and Organic too.

Here is the Best Special Offer and Pricing that I found for the EGF Serum by TRUE Serums

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What if it doesn't work for me?

I was worried about that too. After all, I have tried a bunch of so called "wrinkle removers" that didn't do anything, and cost a lot of money. TRUE Serums lets you try the product out for a month, and if you don't like it, you can return it for a refund. For purposes of this article (I love the product) I asked to return it, and it was pretty easy.  The rep actually waived me having to even send it back, and just did the refund over the phone. View their page.

Ready to Learn More?

Visit the TRUE Serums official page to learn more about this fantastic EGF Serum and all the ingredients and special offers.

What did Customers Have to Say?

For ME, I know I love this product and how it has made my skin look and feel.   But I wanted to search around and find some reviews left by other customers.    I didn't see a single negative review, and I found quite a few that were very positive

Here are some of them:

by Robert on Dermagist Skin Care Products Website

This is the only product that has actually helped my deep, deep wrinkle that I have between my eyebrows. I guess I must scowl a lot because this thing is deeply entrenched. This EGF serum has helped immensely.

by Jamielle on Dermagist Skin Care Products Website

I had acne scars for years. Like holes in my face where you can see where I had previous breakouts. This serum is great at evening out the smoothness of my skin. The pock marks are less visible now, and I think it has even made the dark color around them fade. It's pretty impressive actually.

by Ursula on Dermagist Skin Care Products Website

Worth the money. It works.

by Kathy Hilton on Dermagist Skin Care Products Website

This product is fantastic. I was given a sample, and have now ordered it again. I'm glad it is twice as big as the other EGF serum I tried once, and costs less. Works very quickly on your wrinkles. It's not instant, but you can certainly see an improvement in days. I took picture of my face, which is how I could tell. I will be buying this regularly.

by Mitch V on Dermagist Skin Care Products Website

I use this daily on my face. It has gotten rid of my forehead wrinkles, and the deep crows feet I've had for years. I think it's helping the sun damage on my face too, after too many days in the sun.

by Deborah Piles on Dermagist Skin Care Products Website

Really good quality. Does not clog pores. You feel it working right away. It gives my no problem with putting on my other products after like makeup or my daily sunblock. Love this.

by Shelly on Dermagist Skin Care Products Website

This is my total favorite now. I stopped using all the wrinkle creams that used to clog up my whole vanity. Literally this is all I need now.

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